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How to End the Nastiness Epidemic That’s Plaguing Customer Service

How to End the Nastiness Epidemic That’s Plaguing Customer Service

Companies can no longer ignore the harm it can do to their bottom line.

22, 2019

6 min read

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In early November, a San Antonio Popeye’s employee and customer were caught on video arguing and throwing trays at each other. The altercation later moved on to a full-blown fist-fight in the parking lot. A day earlier at a Maryland Popeye’s, a customer was stabbed to death for cutting in line. The trigger for both incidents was chicken sandwiches. Yes, you read right. Sandwiches.

If these were just isolated incidents, it would be one thing, but nasty employee and customer behavior has become far more common than you may think — and increasing in frequency at an alarming rate. I’ve been collecting high-profile and case study-worthy customer service examples in the media for 15 years now. For the last seven, I’ve used them as fodder for annual “Top 10 Best and Worst” customer service lists. It was in 2018 that I began seeing the disturbing trend. Not only were the negative stories increasing significantly in numbers, but the candidates for the “worst” list were taking a decidedly nasty and often violent tone. I had to start excluding the most extreme examples, as they were straying from the realm of “poor customer service” to something more, well, evil.

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