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How to Use Music to Boost Your (and Your Team’s) Productivity and Creativity

How to Use Music to Boost Your (and Your Team’s) Productivity and Creativity

When it comes to listening while you work, not all songs are helpful.

21, 2019

5 min read

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Early in my career, I wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing headphones at the office. Today, if one of our employees stays inside a pair of noise-canceling airpods for the better part of a day, I don’t think twice about it. Listening to their favorite playlists helps them work better.

A growing body of research supports them, too. One study focusing on Canadian software developers found that listening to music resulted in improved moods, productivity and work quality. It also boosted the developers’s creative problem-solving abilities. One participant explained that the music helped with relaxation and getting around mental blocks. Also, the more developers listened to music, the greater effect it seemed to have.

The researchers confirmed that music listening should be encouraged in the workplace, but with a couple of caveats. Here a few ideas to keep in mind when creating guidelines (or your own playlist) for tuning in at the office.

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