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If You Treat Diversity Training as a Checkbox, Your Company Will Suffer

If You Treat Diversity Training as a Checkbox, Your Company Will Suffer

Businesses pour billions of dollars into training every year, but not always in the right areas.

21, 2019

5 min read

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Companies pour billions of dollars into training every year, but are they training in the right areas? Recent figures put the size of the workplace-training market in the U.S. at nearly $170 billion, with expenditures in that market topping $80 billion. Many businesses focus on training for areas with transparent bottom-line implications, such as sales and customer service. Some leaders view soft-skills training as unnecessary; when regulations require diversity training, many companies treat the events as checkbox fulfillment instead of as the value-adding investments they are.

In truth, diversity training may be even more important than skills-based training for company success. The world is a diverse place. When teams work well together, they can accomplish much more than any of their individual members could alone. Even superstar employees in the top 1 percent of productivity create net losses when they bring a toxic attitude to the office.

With the increasing popularity of remote work, today’s employees increasingly find themselves working alongside people from different groups with different belief systems, perspectives and values. Diversity training can help workers and leaders fill the gaps in their interpersonal skills. With a solid foundation of knowledge and practice, even people from insular communities can overcome their unfamiliarity and learn to work with others from all walks of life.

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